(Re)education of Schools


Our Mission

Join educators Justin Moorman and Katie Thornton as they have open, honest conversations about how to better understand social-emotional learning, trauma-informed care, the “why’s” behind student behavior, and how to help kids navigate it all as they go through school and life. Each episode they will strive to provide practical understanding and opportunities to grow for anyone who works with children, or has children in their life … all in about 30 minutes!

Justin Moorman, Host

Justin Moorman

Justin has worked in the world of education since 2006, when he started as a paraprofessional in a separate facility for students K-12. For the last thirteen years, he has worked as an Intervention Specialist for students ranging from second to eighth grade. Justin has consistently sought out opportunities to work with students and families who have lost hope in the education system. One of his greatest passions is helping students better understand themselves, parents/guardians better understand their child’s needs, and teachers better understand how to provide a safe, trustworthy place for students to learn. Justin lives in the Dayton, Ohio area with his wife and two children.

Katie Thornton, Host

Katie Thornton

Katie is a veteran educator with diverse experiences teaching a Young Fives program, structured classroom for students with Autism and Multiple Disabilities, inclusion First Grade teacher, Special Education Coordinator and now a Principal for a 2nd-5th grade school of 300 amazing students. Katie's advocacy work has been with providing students with special needs equitable educational opportunities, a calling for authentic student-centered learning, and shifting schools to a more humanistic approach through Trauma Informed Care. Katie lives in the Dayton, Ohio area with her husband and two daughters.